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The Electronic Cigarette Is Catching On

Over the past few years a phenomenon called the electronic cigarette has arrived on the scene and it is rivaling tobacco cigarettes for position. An E cigarette is a hollow tube that contains a glycol liquid that is vaporized and the user inhales and exhales the vapor just like the were smoking.

The vapor is relatively harmless and it can be laced with various flavors such as mint, lemon, peppermint, menthol, chocolate, cherry, and many other flavors. Different strengths of nicotine can also be added at will. Consequently, people have used the ecigarette as a cessation device to get off of smoking tobacco products.

Just like using nicotine gum, or patches, a person can switch from cigarettes to an electronic cigarette with a full load of nicotine, and then taper it down over time until there is no nicotine. There have been many people who have rid themselves of the tobacco habit in this way.

It would seem that even if a person never made a change in the nicotine level they would still be better off because of the harmful chemicals that tobacco smoke contains. It is a proven fact that over 160,000 people per year die from lung cancer in the US, and the primary cause of lung cancer is the smoking of tobacco laden cigarettes.

Everywhere you look, you are seeing people with ecigarettes and premium eliquid. They were very prevalent during the most recent Academy Awards Ceremonies, and you are beginning to see e cigs in many places when you are out to eat or at the bar for some refreshment.

Smoking, or ‘vaping,’ as it is also called is a dead ringer for smoking. All of the habitual moves of a smoker are there; the deeply inhaled drag on the tip of the e cig, the moment of holding it in, then the forced exhaling of the vapor. The novelty of the different flavors is just an added excitement, and is lots of fun, as flavors can be mixed. The only thing missing when a person vapes is the act of flipping the ash on the end.

It is going to be interesting to see what happens when big tobacco really dives in with its billions of dollars for advertising. The tobacco giant, Lolliard has already purchased Blu Cigs, one of the earlier companies in the electronic cigarette market. And you can be assured that big tobacco knows how to market and advertise. After all, they have been very successful in marketing cigarettes, which are know killers, and people still buy them by the droves.

You are also beginning to see ‘warnings’from regulatory agencies stating that since ‘it is not known’ what is actually in electronic cigarettes, people should avoid using them until they can be studied and regulated.

Let them regulate, the legitimate e cigarette companies have no intention of putting anything in their products, and since they are harmless now, they are going to let them continue to be harmless and let the public make their decision, as they are doing now, whether they ought to continue buying them.

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Should You Give An E Cigarette A Try?

An e cigarette is something that’s kind of new but is quickly becoming a big industry. Just what should you look for in this kind of thing? Here you’ll find out, just take it one step at a time and you’ll do just fine!

Know that an electronic cigarette isn’t going to get you off of nicotine if you’re getting the kind that do contain it. You need to make sure you’re ready to go with a variety that has 0% nicotine if you want to be sure that you are quitting the habit completely. Most of the electronic cigarette brands will say on the packaging that they’re not a smoking cessation device for quitting smoking. This means that if you want to quit, the best thing to do would be to get yourself a smoking cessation method, or to get an e cig that doesn’t have nicotine in it.

When you get your e cigarette you have to make sure you’re getting one that you’re willing to read the instructions for. Failure to make sure you follow the instructions that come with your device may cause it to fail, or you may end up making it dangerous for you to use. Don’t try to take the device apart just to see what it’s made out of. You should also avoid things like leaving your e-cig out near a heat source if it’s made of plastic or even if it’s made of metal.

When you do want to try out an electronic cigarette, you may want to check out the website of the people that make the brand you’re thinking of trying. There are a lot of great coupons to be had online if you just go to the site of the place that makes what you’re trying to get a sample of. Generally you want to look in places like social media or the sites that are set up just for that brand. With just a little research it shouldn’t take you too long to get the things you need for a great price.

You should try to find a place online that can give you some resources like news on smoking electronic cigarettes. There are a lot of places where you can read news about this sort of thing and that news can help you to decide which brands are going to be good and which ones aren’t that great. Just take it a little step at a time and realize that you don’t have to believe everything you read. Generally you will want to just get a good grasp of what’s going on in the world of e cigarettes, and then you can make your own choices regarding what will work for you.

E cigarettes are what you probably should know a little more about now. Just take into account the advice you were given here, and things will go well for you. It’s going to be a little tough at first, but you can get things under control if you take your time.

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