How The E Cigarette Has Become The Next Best Thing

We have all heard the story about the man who built the better mouse trap, and then the world beat a path to his door, and he became wealthy. That is exactly what is happening in the E cigarette market. The initial surge began in 2009 when roughly 60,000 units were sold to the public, and in 2014 it is estimated that over a billion units will be sold. That is definitely a success story, and by all considerations, we are still at the beginning of what looks to be a booming market for some time to come.

The e cigarette, or electronic cigarette is a device that is shaped like a cigarette, perhaps made of a metal or hard plastic substance that contains a glycol liquid that is heated and atomized into a harmless vapor, that acts like and looks exactly like the smoke of a tobacco cigarette.

The user inhales the vapor and in all aspects has all the pleasures and enjoyment of smoking cigarettes, except there is no health hazard such as there is when inhaling tobacco smoke. The smoker of tobacco who wants to quit tobacco has the perfect avenue in e cigarettes because different levels of nicotine can be added to the glycol liquid to give him that nicotine hit. This makes it easy to switch and it is more exciting too.

E cigarettes have introduced flavors to smoking. A user of the e cigs can have all kinds of fruit flavors from lemon, lime, strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, peach, orange and so on. They can get chocolate, vanilla, licorice, mint, peppermint, menthol and others. Of course different levels of nicotine can be added in, so if a smoker wants to quit, the nicotine can be tapered down until it is no more.

Of course the evils of tobacco smoke are well known. Lung cancer kills over 165,000 Americans each and every year as tobacco cigarettes poison their lungs, as science has proven that the main cause of lung cancer is tobacco smoke. Tobacco smoke is somewhat like inhaling the exhaust from your automobile, as it has over 200 cancer causing chemicals withing including arsenic and cyanide. The tar from tobacco smoke is a dark, sticky substance that coats a smoker’s lungs and eventually destroys all of the oxygen transfer abilities of the lungs, causing COPD and a slow agonizing death.

It is no wonder that many of the new users of e cigarettes are ex tobacco smokers. They are aware of the hazards of tobacco, and they see this new product as a ray of hope in a death filled spiral of disease and despair from tobacco.

All of this has not gone unnoticed by big tobacco, as Lolliard, the tobacco giant recently purchased Blu E cigs, one of the earlier pioneering companies of e cigarettes. R.J. Reynolds has recently come out with its own brand of electronic cigarettes, and is test marketing the brand in many of its current outlets.

There is also a lot of rhetoric from different regulatory agencies about the concern that e cigs are dangerous, and that they could lead to young people taking up cigarettes. This is amazing concern in a society that has legalized marijuana in a few states, and where tobacco companies are already wooing young people to cigarettes. Remember Joe Camel? All the talk is really about finding a way to tax the e cigarette market.

It really doesn’t matter if agencies do regulate and tax the products, because essentially there is nothing wrong with the product now, and there likely will not be in the future. Any tax will simply be passed on to the consumer who will still buy the product.

What is happening is the emergence of a new product that is a better mousetrap because it is safer and more fun than just “smoking” a product that ends up killing us. There is more variety of products, shapes, colors, flavors, and accessories that come along with the product and at this point it is the perfect alternative to tobacco.

Where this market will go is anybody’s guess, but it looks like there will be no stopping it no matter who criticizes it, because the mouse trap is real in this case.